About the organization:



Alumot was founded in 2012 with a mission to develop social activism of wo/men with disability in Israel. We believe that effective activism by wo/men with disability themselves is the major vehicle by which social justice and the equal integration of wo/men with disability will be achieved. They will lead public discussion and initiatives and promote policy changes that will improve the quality of life by acting as advocates for all people with disability in Israel working together for change. "Nothing About Us Without Us" is the adage which conveys the core guiding principle of Alumot.


Alumot has three key strategies:


* Training and developing activists' leadership skills in wo/men with disabilities.

* Initiating working groups of activists with disability around cross-disabilities subjects such as women, health and employment.

* Supporting civil society organizations to include people with disabilities and their specific needs in their organizational agendas and missions. .


Alumot establishes inter-organizational collaboration with government ministries, national service providers and organizations representing people with disability concerning the shared agendas. Social activists supported by Alumot  are members of the advisory board of the Commission for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities in Israel (in the Ministry Of Justice), participate regularly at meetings of the Welfare and Health Committee at the Knesset and in meetings of the Committee for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality at the Knesset around issues concerning the community.


Alumot's programs:


The Forum for Health of People with Disabilities continues its work to change the accessibility of health services for people with disability. The Forum's  agenda includes promoting new national regulations to improve the accessibility of health services, lobbying the Health National Organizations ("kupot") for a better access to services for people with disabilities including prevention programs (against obesity, to stop smoking etc).


The Leadership for Change Forum – Women with Disabilities Leading Social Change in Northern Israel have completed developing their agendas for promoting awareness of the special needs of women with disabilities and they will be joined this year by 7 new social activists with disability who together will initiate the various planned programs through the development of collaboration with organizations of people with disability.


The North Forum, run and initiated by leaders with disability from the main organizations of people with disability all over the region to share ideas, support one another and create partnerships.



Alumot co-facilitates a multi- sectorial effort on asylum seekers with disability in collaboration with the United Nations where representatives from more than 40 organizations from the governmental, civil society, academy and philanthropy join efforts to support this "transparent" community in urgent needs.


Alumot continues to provide on-going organizational, strategic and economic consultation, lectures and workshops to non-profit organizations of people with disability.


 Alumot's social activists with disability continue to participate as members of the advisory board of the Commission for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities in Israel, at relevant committee meetings at the Knesset and in the civil society Forum for the Implementation of the International UN Treaty on Equality of Rights of People with Disabilities.


In the past, Alumot has facilitated meetings of the Forum the Forum for Employment of People with Disability in the North, initiated by the Ministry of Economy, concerned with the inclusion and employment of wo/men with disability in the work force.


We aim to launch our newest pilot project- Partners- leadership changes policy , a unique initiative in the first stages of development, concerned with monitoring and providing consultation to government ministries and agencies to promote and implement inclusion policies for people with disability.